My hair smells like vomit. - NARCISSISM IS NECESSARY

My hair smells like vomit.

Not a very tasteful first post I suppose.

Yes. I used mayonnaise as a hair mask and now they smell like puke. On the bright side, my hair is looking so sleek. I think I might do this more often.

College is starting soon. I am pretty sick of this long break already. I can’t wait to go back into the madness of meeting deadlines and simply having something to do.

Anwar’s conviction has been overturned. I’m feeling indifferent. The verdict wasn’t fair in the 1st place but a man like him ought to be put away. I hope he’s mellowed down and quit on his twisted aspirations.

I cooked fried rice for lunch. I’m good.

Men are pigs. They are selfish, self-absorbed and clueless.

2 Responses to My hair smells like vomit.

  1. j March 18, 2008 at 10:51 pm #

    ” They are selfish, self-absorbed and clueless. ”

    yeah, so is your post-
    actually, i’ve enjoy both.


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    […] was probably as useful as the time I put mayonaise on my hair to make it […]

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